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We'll use this email address to create an Admin account. The Admin account can log into the Digital Collection Plates to collect donations and into the Dona Online Portal to manage the donations. This one admin account can log into all the Digital Collection Plate's that you own, at the same time.

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Helper Account email

We'll use these email addresses to create Helper accounts. Helper accounts aren't necessary for using the Dona Collection Plates. Helper accounts can log into the Dona Online Portal but cannot log into the Digital Collection Plates. They can still see all the donations you receive by logging into the Dona Online Portal, so make sure you choose these email addresses carefully.

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Digital Collection Plates

Hardware cost: We'll send you an invoice of £300+VAT for each device. Software Cost: We'll also send you a link to set up direct debit of £40+VAT per month for each device.

How many Digital Collection Plates do you want to order?


Hardware cost: We'll send you an invoice of £80+VAT for each stand.

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The Dona Digital Collection Plate requires Wi-Fi to work. We can help you set up Wi-Fi if you don't already have it.

Will the Digital Collection Plate have access to Wi-Fi at it's intended location?

Power Sockets

The Digital Collection Plates have a four hour battery life. However, we recommend that they are left plugged in to save the hassle of having to charge them.

Are power sockets available where you want to deploy the Digital Collection Plate?

Dona cards

Supporters use these 'I gave by Dona' cards to indicate that they donated using the Digital Collection Plate. We'll send you these for free. (Useful for Churches).

Would you like a set of 'I gave by Dona' cards

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