More Information

Getting Started



Select how many Digital Collection Plates and stands you want to buy.



Pay for the selected devices and set up a direct debit with us.



Sign up to our payement partner SumUp using our special link.



We'll send everything to you.



Unpack the Digital collection plate, connect to Wi-Fi and log into the app.



You're ready to start taking donations!

Taking Payments

Choose a category to donate to...
  • This set of options can be removed if you want users to be presented with the donation amounts when they approach the device.
  • Donations made to different categories can be viewed and managed using the Dona Portal
Select an amount to donate...
  • Log into the Online Dona Portal to edit the donation amounts presented to users
  • Change the donation amounts to suit the needs of your supporters. 


Or enter a custom amount...
  • This feature can also be turned on and off in the Dona Online Portal.
  • Change the donation amounts to suit the needs of your supporters. 
Tap the integrated card reader to pay...
  • The payment is then processed in a matter of seconds by our friends at SumUp.
  • This fast process makes donating simple and easy. 


Register for Gift Aid after paying...
  • With the Gift Aid form option turned on, users will be asked if they want to sign up to Gift Aid after donating.
  • Many people are unaware of the Gift Aid scheme. By prompting users to register, you can collect more Gift Aid revenue than ever before.
Dona remembers Gift Aid card users.
  • Once they have registered, all the Digital collection Plates will remember the card and automatically Gift Aid every donation from that card.
  • Gift Aid is a fantastic scheme to increase donations revenue, the Digital Collection Plate helps charities make the most of it.